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Estimation is needed but useless. Do it and throw away the numbers!

I’ve discussed this idea a few times with some friends, but I’ll concede that the ultimate argument for stopping to estimate altogether is still to come… In the meanwhile here is more food for thought. Rob Bowley argues why estimations are bad in software development. My favorite part of his …

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The “it’s not my bug” anti-pattern

Talking to a friend we were discussing the organization of feature teams in a local company. They were previously organized in component teams, which led to a lot of inefficiencies and disconnected work. This happened because one team would only work on one component, and when one feature required work …

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Nokia goes agile. Will the rest follow?

Ari Jaaksi from maemo.org is blogging about Scrum in Nokia’s Linux/Open source projects.Also, Juha-Markus Aalto (of Object development fame) presented what I would call the “Nokia Agile Requirements Model” (and what Dean Leffingwell calls “Lean, Scalable Requirements Model“) at the Object days in Tampere. See the slides here(PDF alert). With …

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Why Apple deserves to sell many iPods/iTouch (or Why MUST features will kill your project…)

So lately I’ve been trying to convince some friends that they don’t want to have “MUST” features in their project, rather they should opt for a force-ranked prioritization of all features that they want to deliver. First off, I must explain this idea. You do still have a minimum marketable …

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