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To all PMBOK, PMP and PMI people: you are missing 1 million points! Stop trying to explain something you don’t understand!

The traditionalists are starting to be quite dangerous in the hostile “take over” of Agile and Scrum (Kanban can’t be far behind). In this post Glen tries to tell us that it is ok to call “project management” what we do in a Scrum (f. ex.) development effort. Now, that …

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Can Scrum and Kanban be used for non-software development work?

Can Scrum or Kanban be used to manage any other work than software development? Do the same concepts apply? The past week-end there’s been some chatter on twitter about using Kanban or Scrum for managing work outside the software development realm. People seem (pleasently) surprised that it can be done. …

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Why specialization in Software development is bad for business

Specialization in software development hurts our business! I’m not talking about the kind of specialization that leads to spend some more time in one area than in others. I’m talking about the specialization that leads us to have Database Administrators (DBA) or Database Designers (DBD) or Kernel programmers that don’t …

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