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  • Arturo Del Vando Minguez

    Skecht drawer 4.2

  • kingmannu

    hi bro, please upload AUTODESK REVIT MEP 2017

  • Mohamad Ahmed

    Tekla structural designer 2015 cannot complete the design or analysis ,It generated an error when running the design and analysis : The error is No Valid license to perform this analysis. Could u please let me know how to fix it

  • Ali Haider

    Please upload Oxford Dictionary latest edition.

  • Ali Haider

    Designing equilizer?

  • Marcelo Latorre

    Good night, this the best site to watching every day, how can i instal sapphire 10…..thanks

    • dear it is easy and install guide is included in readme

  • Tanvir Ahmed Munna

    Download link for the following content isn’t working

    • thank you Tanvir ahmed i have fixed the problem now you can download

  • Richie Lee

    dear it is easy and install guide is included in readme

  • sampson antwi

    Please all the rar files download are password protected and I don’t know the password

  • abcdefghijklm opqrstuvw

    MSC.MARC is powerful FEM sister of MSC.Nastran.

  • abcdefghijklm opqrstuvw

    MSC.APEX is new fast modeler of MSC (against old slow but powerful Patran)
    see (30 days free)
    legal file download of 99.9% of necessary files.

  • abcdefghijklm opqrstuvw

    Ansys 18 is in pipe, last ANSYS is 17.2 (whole great package about 9 GB for windows64 with linux 17.8 GB)

  • abcdefghijklm opqrstuvw

    Simulia Abaqus 6.14 or 2016 for students see

  • Handarbeiten

    dear rahim can you help me

  • Samy Aly

    Hi Rahim

    Please, can you say me the product key of remake 2017 ?


    Good day master,

    about Autocad 2018 only 32bit i can download, how about the 64bit I am a 64bit user. thanks a lot.

    • Abdul qayoom safi

      64 Bit also here

  • Coolbikes

    Hi Rahim

    MSC Nastran 2016 x64 & MSC Nastran 2017 x64 both download links are not working, Please resolve the problem.


  • Lucas Parussolo

    Hi Rahim.

    MSC Adams 2016 download link isn’t working, if u please could check it.

    Thank you very much.

  • Alemantico Design

    Hi Rahim,
    can you pls fix the downloadlinks on Would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Zain Ul Abdeen

    Hi Rahim,
    Please fix this link

  • Raouf Bousnina

    Hi rahim
    could you help me to find passeword .
    Thanks in advance

  • Vipin J

    HI bro, windows 10 redstone 3 os can not be downloading… can you fix that problem…?
    And thanks bro for offering us many Softwares free.

  • kingmannu

    Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.3 Free Download, link not working, please fix dear brother

  • Assim M.F

    this software

    Antenna Magus Pro v5.3

    not work,
    can you fix it?thanks

  • Anye Sebastian

    Dear rahim please can you help me with the extraction password of xp3 royal the far is encrypted

  • Anye Sebastian

    The rar file us encrypted

  • Moitrix

    CD 1 file is broken plz help me! act this link. CD2 download selfs, but i can’t instaled if i have not the first one, thank u

  • kingmannu

    bro, can you please upload ENSCAPE 3D for sketchup 2017 or VRAY for sketchup 2017.