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Rahim-soft Passwords

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If files need password downloaded from rahim-soft.com , Please use one of these passwords.

1 –       www.download.ir

2 –       www.downloadly.ir

3 –        www.rahim-soft.com

4 –         rahim-soft.com

5 –        www.downloadha.com

if none of this work please leave a comment thanks

  • pravin ankaram

    i download unreal engine 4 . pls give me rar file password

    • rahimsafi13

      Password for unreal engine 4 is written under unreal engine 4 download links please see See here

    • Rahim-soft
  • Ali Haider

    please give the password of NFS undercover

  • aztk

    pass vray 3d 2017

  • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

    why ? password kept i need password urgent

    • rahimsafi13
      • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

        this side already download but not working

        • these works well download links what is your language i will support in your language

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            yes password ok but only 90 % winrar file extract only why

          • which software stops in 90%

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            Autodesk.AutoCAD.2017.x64.www.Download.ir.(part1,part2,part3,part4)all part Autodesk.3ds.Max.2017.Final.Edition.x64.www.Download.ir.all part

          • Please More thousands of Visitors downloaded these two softwares but they didnt faced with 90 % extractions Please can You Try 7-zip

          • if it worked please tell me if didnt work please tell me too thanks for visiting Rahim-soft.com

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            too much try but not working please see photo please help me

          • this very easy to fix do you have Team Viewer on Your PC please send your team Viewer ID and Password to me i will fix this in few seconds

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa


          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            id 880 796 039

            password 2276

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            880 796 039

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            give your mob no

          • rahimsafi13

            this very easy to fix do you have Team Viewer on Your PC please send your team Viewer ID and Password to me i will fix this in few seconds
            my email address is rahimsafi999@gmail.com

          • rahimsafi13

            send me ur team viewer id and password to rahimsafi999@gmail.com

          • rahimsafi13

            ok i am waiting for ur response

          • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

            thanks so much reply

          • rahimsafi13

            which software stops in 90%

      • Madhu Sudhan Thapa

        Dear Sir,
        i am your website download 2 software
        AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2017 and
        Autodesk 3DS MAX 2017 but Why Not working missing file i don’t know please give me download link please

  • Ahryman

    All the above password doesn’t work for http://rahim-soft.com/wysiwyg-web-builder-v11-free-download/

  • daniel

    please i am Daniel i download your windows xp royal but they have been asking me password for the iso fle please if you can help out, Dear sir please try and help me thanks.

  • Ibrahim Enawy

    hi my dear frind
    i need artcam 2015


    plizz fix COMSOL mutriphysic 5,2a… i cant extract the file

  • daniel

    please sir when i entered http://www.rahim-soft.com it still does not come. For the windows xp 3 royal please. Please can i get new password for that?

    • bro please enter without http://

      • Mani Dhuddy

        Dear admin is there any kind of crack or software available for SMart PLS3.
        plz help me out

        • rahimsafi13

          Dear bro google has blocked all those sites who uploaded crack of smartpls3 so i think you need to purchase it
          but you can tell other softwares if you need we will upload it

  • chatree

    Dear Sir,

    Please advice me how solve the problem.
    It has some error when I started to run the program

    “SPLM Failed: No Grade-Level seat Available”


  • chatree
  • kris

    Dear Sir,

    I already installed PV ELITE, but the software can’t opened. The software ask ” no such file or directory-softwareintergraphPD-licecurrent version ”

    please help my to solve the problem.

    • do you have teamviewer in Your PC i will help you via teamviwer

  • fele

    Dear Admin…the patch for Carlson Survey embedded 2016 isn’t working … the change key is not activating the product. please help !!

  • Mohamed Yaheeya

    thnq bro password accept

  • Mohamed Yaheeya
  • Mohamed Yaheeya
  • Moahmmed Ali

    Bro i downloaded all four parts of revit 2017. But how to install these parts separate separate or extract all rar files in one folder then start installation? guide me………. thanks

    • bro place all four 4 parts in one folder and extract the .part1 it will extract all other 3 parts it self than start the installation clearly i say extract all four 4 parts than install the revit

  • Sherif Boghdady

    None of 5 passwords mentioned working with this file
    it always gives error

  • Mian Asmat Ullah

    As-Salaam-Alaikum i want password of Auto desk Auto Cad Civil 3D 2017-all part

  • Sey Kay

    I downloaded Explaindio FX but none of the passwords works.Pls help me urgently.

  • Unnikrishnan Karumathil

    Dear, I have installed Kingdom 2016. How can I activate it. Where should I copy the given .dll file? Please help me.

  • Tracy Malyon

    Hi There
    I downloaded Artcam 2017 and cant get it to work

    • What is the problem with the artcam 2017 ?

      • Tracy Malyon

        something with the password

        • Tracy Malyon

          Sorry its with the serial number

          • Tracy Malyon

            Please help

          • Tracy Malyon

            when are you online?

  • sadek sinan

    pls i need password

    • Bro Please try to extract with winrar before extracting please disable the antivirus
      Because i have downloaded csi bridge 2017 and successfully extracted there is not problem in csi bridge 2017

      • sadek sinan

        Ok thanks

  • Nandish Reddy

    hi i have tried all passwords to extract files but not even single working for “Dicad Strakon Premium 2016 Free Download”

  • Zihadul Akbor Anik


    please give me right password