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Dear Visitor if You need any Software you can Request it By Commenting Below We Will Post it as Soon as possible Estimated time 1 Day or Less

  • Ali Haider

    Windows 64 bit cannot work with .net framework 4.5 You told me reason of this problem?

  • Ali Haider

    please upload dev c++

  • Aamir Bashir

    Dear Rahim,
    Kindly Share link for any plotter software i.e. Artcut, Flexisign etc.
    Working Software please

    Thanks a lot

    • We have uploaded artcut 2009 full 2 cds working 100 %

      • Aamir Bashir

        Thanks a lot for nice and quick share dear. I tried to install but??? it did
        not work. When I click on Artcut2009 it ask for “insert graphics disc”.
        Kindly guide me how to install. I am missing something.

        Do you have Flexisign10 for Windows 7. Really appreciate your efforts.

  • Ramesh S

    Dear Rahim,
    Can you share Antenna Magus software. thanks in advance.

  • jame

    Please upload CSI Safe V14 & Etab V16 Please

    • Sure i will upload stay updated with us and i hope you share my website with your friends

      • jame

        Thank you……

  • Kegan

    Hi Rahim, do you have Autodesk Building Design Suite 2017?

    • yes i have i will upload it
      when i upload it you will receive email notification

      • Kegan

        Thanx Rahim, much appreciated


    Please can you upload Tekla tedds, Tekla structural designer and prota suite enterprise. Thank you and God bless you and your family

    • ameen may allah bless you and your family too bro

    • i will upload them tonight


        Have you uploaded them? Thank you boss

        • Mohamad Ahmed

          when you install Tekla structural designer 2015 does it work or does it ask you for a pass code

          • hello mohamad ahmed what is the problem with the software ?

          • Mohamad Ahmed

            when I install the software and the crack and then I try to open it it dosent work how did you install it ?


            it worked but unfortunately the license is expired. i had it since 2015 it got expired i thought rahims version is different from mine but after installing still my license shows expired. pls is there a way out to have a new licens

  • ليث

    please can u upload a cracked verision of Universal Driver Updater

  • Pankaj

    COMPRESS for Pressure vessel design software
    If possible please provide

  • Muhammad Waseem yousaf

    Compress For pressure vessels Design software plzzzz….

  • samatham rao

    Please upload “CSC Struds V12 Advance” design software.

  • Mohamad Ahmed

    Tekla Structural Designer 2016

  • Mohamad Ahmed

    how do you install Tekla structural designer 2015 as the crack doesn’t seem to work

    • jame

      you can change the date to back is ok

      • Mohamad Ahmed

        The software cannot complete the design or analysis ,It generated an error when running the design and analysis : The error is No Valid license to perform this analysis. Has anyone got the same problem and how do u fix it

      • Mohamad Ahmed

        are u able to use the analyse and design tools of TSD

  • jame

    please midas gen.

  • Rajendran

    Hai Pls Upload SOFTTECH SEPL ESR-GSR software and Bentley RCDC softwares

  • will

    I need Mastercam 2017. Can anybody share their files. All other resources are coming up empty. Thanks for sharing!

  • will

    please upload Mastercam for Solidworks. Thanks!

  • Tracy Malyon

    Please I need help in finalising the installation of ArtCam 2017

    • What is happened with artcam 2017 installation can you send me a screenshot or any problem you face with than i will be able to help you .

      • Tracy Malyon

        when I enter the serial number it tells me there is an error. I cant get it to give me a screen shot.

  • Tracy Malyon

    when I enter the serial number it says there is an error and wont continue

  • Rabiii3

    Hello brother Rahim.
    I hope you are in good health and thank you for your hard-working to help us .

    i wish if you can upload the newest version of Matlab with it is updates.

    • Ok Rabiii3 we Will Upload New Version of Mathlab with its updates tonight Please Subscribe to Our newsletter so You will recevie email once we update it

      • Rabiii3

        Ok bro, i will and thank you so much.

      • Rabiii3

        Bro rahim, it passed 3 days since that.

  • samatham rao

    Bro Rahim, please upload the following software (64 bit windows 10 OS compatible)
    1. Midas Gen 2015
    2. Midas Design+ 2015
    3. Midas Dshop 2015
    thanks in advance.

  • Pingil Kayeem

    could y post some learning/tutorial/tips about newest excel or word or kind a office please.. ty

    • Welcome Pingil Kayeem Yes we Will Post Newest and Updated Office and MS Office including Excel , Word , Publisher etc Tips and Tutorial + Formulas Enjoy Rahim soft Hub

  • puss mannu

    Bro Rahim, Assalamu alaikum ,please upload the following software (64 bit windows 7)
    1. REAL FLOW
    3. VUE

  • Rabiii3

    Hey again brother Rahim .

    i wanted to remind you if you forget about uploading the newest verison of Matlab with its updates .

    i really need this software for my work bro, i will be so thankful if you could help me .

    I salut your hard-working .

  • jame

    Affinity Photo & Design for window please!!!

  • Mohamad Ahmed

    Hello brother Rabin could u upload Tekla Structural Designer 2016i

  • liucong

    HI brother Rahim,do you have TICRA GRASP? I can’t find one in this website.

    • Hello Dear liucong This software is Against Company DMCA Copyright Increment So I Can’t Upload this Software Sorry for inconvince


    assalamu alaikum rahim. please can u upload
    1.) new license fot tekla structural designer? the one u uploaded has an expired license.
    2). prota structure suite Enterprise. it designs both steel and concrete. the one u upload designs concrete only. thank you and god bless

  • zahid hassan

    can you upload autodesk revit structure 2017?

    • Yes i will Upload Dear

      • zahid hassan


        • zahid hassan

          bro,when will you upload?

  • Javad Kazemzadeh

    Please I need help in license xenapp 7.6

  • zahid hassan

    brother! it’s passed almost 7 days after requesting my software but don’t get it yet..

  • zahid hassan

    bro! i will grateful if you upload siemens FEMAP software

  • incey2000

    Hi Rahim-soft can you work your magic on a program called Ekahau?

    • incey2000

      i can send you a copy?

  • md.hasan

    Rahim brother! can you upload “Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator” software for pc with crack or activation key?i need this will be a great help for me if you upload this tomorrow if you can…thanks

  • ok

  • saidul

    Autodesk ArtCAM 2017,
    please give me right Serial Number

  • Talha Akhoon

    petrel 2015 licence expired

  • Talha Akhoon

    geochemist workbench student edition

  • Ajid Ode Samali

    Hi Brother Rahim…I Need windows 10, 64 Bit system

  • Gur Preet

    Dear Rahim
    Could you please upload edraw max 8.4 full version

  • sadiqu zubair

    Dear rahim,
    i am sadique zubair. i am a civil engineer.and dear rahim i want one software e survey. this one is important for me can you plz up lode this software with crak. dear i also facing one problem dear i am using know Auto-desk civil3d 2017 i am happy buz my work is very well only bcz of you , bcz i get this software on you side and i say to thanks.. dear but some time i need one lower version so plz help me first i need e- survey 2nd i want Auto-desk 2007 full version … and last my request is crak of Auto-desk 2009 only crak i need. so bro plz help me
    thanks you

    • welcome Sadiqu Zubair Don’t Worry i will upload your desired softwares

      • sadiqu zubair

        bro esurvey is one software with carak i need 2nd auto cad 2009 only crak i need

    • dear i have upload many softwares like autocad 2009 / autocad 2007 you can now download it

  • sprasad

    rahim brother can u provide zeland IE3D latest version please

  • sprasad

    can u provide zeland IE3D latest version please

    • Sorry i have tried my best but unable to find this software but please subscribe to our website once i upload it you will receive notification via email thanks in advance

  • KJ

    Hi, kindly find the Esteem 9 Integrated Total Solution Software. Thanks

  • Shadow-kun

    Can you please upload Pepakura Designer?
    Thanks in advance.

  • jame

    Affinity Design for Windows Please……….

  • Sanket Kute

    Hey rahim! can u upload ricardo software pls.

  • zahid hassan

    hello brother! can you upload this software for pc with keygan or activation key?

  • sameer shaik

    hello brother could you upload autodesk quantity take off

  • Adedeji

    hello Bro Rahim, Can you help me with QuickCivil Series (QuickStructure) ?

  • Prat Jones

    can you get me msc nastran by any chance …please
    I need this so bad

  • Prat Jones

    hello brother rahim could you please upload msc nastran for 64 bits win

    • rahimsafi13

      sure bro i will upload this……….

  • Theodoros Kapetanakis

    Hello Mr Rahim Could you upload

    Antenna Magus Version 2016.0 or later?
    Thanks in advance!!!

  • jame

    Photo Plus X8 please….

  • Sonja g najafi

    Mr Rahim could you please post Autodesk CFD for MacBook or Pro Cast casting simulation software please?
    Thank You very much

  • Asim khan

    Hello brother kindly upload Geomagic design x 2016 or 2017 thanks

  • will

    Hello, please upload Catia. Thanks for all the software brother!

  • Yaheya Khan

    Hello Rahim would you please upload starrag RCS cam software v 7.32

  • Ial Lubis

    Hello bro…….would you please upload Cadsoft Envisioneer Construction Suite v10 or later for 64 bits

  • Timeless

    Hi, can you please upload X-Particle for cinema4d.

  • divyang

    hi rahim could u upload ugs imageware