AIMP 4.10 Build 1831 Free Download

AIMP 4.10 Build 1831 Free Download

AIMP 4.10 Build 1831 Free Download

AIMP 4.10 Build 1831 Free Download

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Descriptions :

This player provided by Russian developers is being updated constantly and

becomes better with every new version. But let’s see what AIMP has to offer to its


First of all, AIMP is able to play the most common media formats, such as MP3,

FLAC, MAC, AAC, M3U, OPUS, OGG, TTA, RMI, WMA, WAV and many others.

Regarding formats, AIMP also packs a media converter, allowing you to switch

between the most common file extensions.

Grabbing music from an Audio CD is also possible, and you can set the computer to

shut down after conversion operation. You can add more formats to the list by

installing plugins.

Other major features of AIMP for Windows include CUE sheets support, 32-bit

audio processing, and Internet radio. The sound engine includes a 18-band equalizer

and built-in sound effects, and the program also helps you organize your music

collection due to its music library and smart playlist feature. Moreover, AIMP

supports multiple playlists, which means you can work with a playlist while another

is playing.


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