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AquaSoft Video Vision 2023 v14.2 Free Download

AquaSoft Video Vision 2023 v14.2 Free Download is software that displays your prints in a spectacular and seductive movie. With this software, you can combine your music, images, and videos and produce a new videotape.

AquaSoft Video Vision 2023 v14.2 Description

You can elect an are-designed template, and also add your favorite prints, music, videos, and textbook. You can exercise your slides. Pre-designed templates, the capability to edit videotape lines, the capability to use images, vids, and textbooks, beautiful goods for images and textbooks, and the capability to burn videotape on CDs and DVDs.

The capability to prepare videotape lines in the format HDTV, import an unlimited number of prints, support for nascence channel, use of background music, exercise capability, etc.

AquaSoft Video Vision

AquaSoft Video Vision is the same AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate software that has been offered since interpretation 14 with this new name.

Also, in AquaSoft SlideShow, colorful forms for chart design have been prepared so that you can add your favorite chart to your prints. You can produce slideshows made in the software for colorful bias, including tablets, smartphones, TVs, and projectors, and in CD, DVD, and BluRay formats.

Features Of AquaSoft Video Vision 2023 v14.2

  • View slides on PC or Television.
  • Exit videotape with HDTV.
  • Capability to enlarge images.
  • Capability to apply Bitmap goods.
  • Rotate and transfer images and textbooks.
  • Capability to import an unlimited number of prints.
  • Has a nascence channel.
  • Has 1000 music tracks.
  • Capability to put a videotaped clip in it.
  • Capability to burn on CD and DVD.
  • Fit background music.
  • Has beautiful goods.
  • Hasper-designed templates.

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File information💁

  • Name: AquaSoft.Video.Vision.v14.2.01.x64.rar
  • File Size: 365 MB
  • After Extract: 399 MB
  • Publisher: AquaSoft
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: April 9, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English


Password for file: “123

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