Luminar Neo 1.3 Free Download for Windows

Luminar Neo 1.3 Free Download for Windows is the name of a new and professional image editor that uses artificial intelligence technology to enable you to use the rearmost advanced print editing ways and edit your creative ideas while editing your images.

Luminar Neo 1.3 Description

Apply your images. However, we’ve prepared an important tool that can help you in this matter, If you’re also active in the field of plates and photography and want to edit your images in new and more advanced ways.

Luminar Neo, using a new technology called RelightAI, allows you to control light in three-dimensional spaces automatically and directly.

This program is suitable to calculate the depth of your image and produce a three-dimensional chart of it so that you can apply your asked changes to distribute light in the different corridors of the image in a realistic and natural way. The software can also descry blights in images and snappily correct them.

Luminar Neo free trial

Luminar Neo Image Editor, while equipped with new image processing technologies, gives you the capability to edit your images in a simpler and further professional way and enjoy the result.

Features Of Luminar Neo 1.3

  • Capability to control and distribute light professionally in images.
  • Capability to change the background of prints.
  • Snappily correct blights in images.
  • Capability to change and replace the sky in images with artificial intelligence technology.
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art plate recycling machine.
  • Having a veritably beautiful and stoner-friendly graphical interface.

Luminar Neo release date

File information

  • Name: Luminar.Neo.v1.3.0.10212.x64.rar
  • File Size: 1.9 GB
  • After Extract: 2.11 GB
  • Publisher: Luminar
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: SEP 1, 2022
  • Languages: English


Password for file: “123

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