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NinjaGram Portable

Download NinjaGram Portable is the name of powerful and professional software for people who use cyberspace (Instagram) for business purposes and to increase their popularity or a special brand.

NinjaGram Portable Description

As you know, Instagram has completely changed our lifestyle, our income, our social relationships, and so on. Attracting followers and gaining more popularity in cyberspace means a way to earn and increase revenue, which is how many people earn their income these days. Popularity in cyberspace largely depends on attracting followers, likes and comments, and audience in general. If you are planning to increase your popularity in cyberspace, we have a special tool for you in this field.

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Download NinjaGram 7 Portable is one of the most popular Instagram bots that you can use to automate your page activity. NinjaGram Portable enables you to increase the number of your follow-ups in a personalized way, and after a few days, you will follow those who did not give you a follow-up. Ability to automatically like hashtag photos, auto-comment, increase the number of followers, comprehensive monitoring and reporting of page activity, the ability to perform multiple activities automatically and simultaneously, ability to search based on location range, proxy support, and finally import/export accounts of iPhones The most important features of this application are applications.

Features For NinjaGram Portable

  • Automatic follow-up ability of users.
  • Ability to auto-follow.
  • Ability to comment and like automatically.
  • Automatically accept follower ricochets.
  • Ability to filter users with the number of followers, and posts.
  • Ability to use multiple accounts.
  • Use a proxy not to be blocked by Instagram.

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