RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01– This release is part of the new Bentley product generation called CONNECT Edition, which succeeds the V8i generation that has been in place for the past several years.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Description

While not all Bentley products will move to RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download this year, the RAM products are part of the first wave of applications moving to this exciting new release. In addition to a new name, the product icon has a new look as shown below. Aside from this, the software looks and feels the same way it always has. As the name suggests, the theme of the RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download is a set of new features and services that will better connect project team members within and across organizations and enable easier access to resources such as learning materials. This collective set of services is called Bentley Cloud Services. The portal to this can be accessed from the RAM Connection button. The set of cloud-based services available in the first RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 releases will represent just a fraction of what will become available over the coming months and years.

2. AISC Design Guide 29: Vertical Bracing Connections. Among all the topics that this design guide addresses, we include the option to connect the gusset in a CBB connection, only to the beam, only to the column or to both.

Resolved Issues:
1. Fix to the compression forces in the base plate and tension forces in the anchors, when the analysis included a column offset.

2. Member classification when Seismic Provisions were included was mistakenly being done with AISC 341-05 classification instead of AISC 341-10. This has now been corrected.

3. Corner clips for transverse stiffeners was always considered as 3/16”. This is now correctly calculated based on the weld leg dimension.

4. When exporting to Structural Synchronizer (ISM), chevron gussets (CVR) appeared a little offset. This has been corrected and they now appear in the right coordinates.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download

5. Member section validations for some Bolted End Plates (BEP) under Eurocode 3 design were incorrectly enforced preventing some valid connections to be assigned. This is no longer the case.

6. Double Angle Web Cleat connections had a glitch during the connection optimization that skipped the option of two bolts as the minimum. Now the optimization includes this step correctly.

7. The user input maximum stress ratio was not being taken into consideration for the calculations. Unity (1.0) was always being considered. Now the software takes a value different than 1 if the user specifies it.

8. The values of fav and fpeak for weld in AISC, wrongly included signs when they should be taken in absolute values as it is in this release.

9. Opposite beam forces in BCF, BCW and BG connections, were not being imported correctly from the RAM Structural System model in RAM Connection for RSS.

System Requirements For RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01

Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Seven / 8.x / 10 

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download

Click on the beneath hyperlink to obtain the standalone setup of RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11.01 Free Download for Home windows x86 and x64 structure.RAM Connection CONNECT Edition 11 the greatest CAE software for all the brand new and older releases of Home windows.


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