Red Giant Universe 5.0.1 Free Download

Download Red Giant Universe 5.0.1 is an important videotape good and conversion plugin for movie editing software that has great operations for stir plates artists and editors.

Red Giant Universe 5.0.1 Description

This plugin helps you change the look of your footage to old or ultramodern by furnishing 79 important GPU- grounded tools. Red Giant Universe 5 uses tools like VHS, Retrograde Carousel, Glitch, Holomatrix II, etc. to change the style of your vids.

Red Giant Universe Free Download allows you to produce animated graphic rudiments and repetitious backgrounds by furnishing tools similar to HUD factors, Line, Knoll Light Factory EZ, and Fractal Background. You can also use other tools to produce unique transitions and seductive textbooks to achieve the asked result.

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This plugin has numerous presets and adds numerous tools to movie editing software similar to After Goods, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Apple Motion, and so on.

Features Of Red Giant Universe 5.0.1

  • VHS Convert moment’s vids to classic vids.
  • Glitch Apply the Glitch effect ( dissociate and reconnect the image).
  • Holomatrix II Apply wisdom- fabrication movie goods similar to digital goods.
  • Finisher Improves the image quality of DSLR vids.
  • Totem Stir Add dynamic robustness, add and amp the totem or textbook on the image.
  • Retrograde Transition, VHS Transition, Carousel Transition, and further Transfer goods to move from one scene/ image to scene/ another image.
  • Camera Shake Apply hand-shake effect while shooting videotape.
  • Polychromatic Aberration real lens deformation effect with polychromatic separation, blur, texture.
  • Hint Add colored light shafts.
  • RGB Separation Separation of RGB channels.
  • ShrinkRay Simulates a small sample of objects and geographies.
  • Blur the image.
  • Unfold, Inside Cell, Dolly Fade, Fold, Slide, Triangle Wave, Rubix Cell, and further 3D transfer goods.

How to use red Giant universe

File Information

  • Name: Red.Giant.Universe.v5.0.1.x64.rar
  • File Size: 1.9 GB
  • After Extract: 2.33 GB
  • Publisher: Red Giant
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Nov 30, 2021
  • Languages: English


Password for file: “123

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