Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2 Free Download

Download Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2 may be a tool for top-level editing of photos. Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2 automatically retouch your photos and uses techniques like dodge and burn to correct and edit them. This app saves you time. rather than having to use these tools manually, you’ll schedule your tasks to be done automatically for you.

Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2 Description

In Retouch4me Dodge & Burn, you’ll have the leads to a soft layer in order that your original photos to remain unchanged and aren’t damaged. Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2 perform retouching of images with high speed. Different parts of your photo are scanned, their problems are identified then the editing operation is completed automatically. you’ll use this application as a Photoshop plugin and use other Photoshop tools.

Retouch4me Dodge Burn

However, Retouch4me Dodge & Burn doesn’t require Photoshop and may be used completely independently. Note that you simply need a minimum of 6 GB of RAM to figure out this program. If you would like to retouch faster, your computer must have a fanatical GPU. Instead of doing all the retouching settings manually, Retouch4me Dodge & Burn does these things automatically with high speed and within the shortest possible time and provides quality output results. you’ll even have the leads to the shape of a soft layer in order that the first image remains unchanged and isn’t damaged.

Features Of Retouch4me Dodge & Burn 1.0.2

  • Automatic retouching and quality photos
  • Use of powerful Dodge & Burn techniques (Dodge & Burn)
  • Are often used as a Photoshop plugin
  • don’t damage the first photo
  • Preserve the feel and details of the photo
  • High speed and quality of retouching

Retouch4me Dodge Burn

File information

  • Name:
  • File Size: 107 MB
  • After Extract: 155 MB
  • Publisher: Retouch4me
  • File Type:┬áRar File
  • Update Date: August 7, 2021
  • Languages: English


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