3D Coat 4.7 Free Download

3D Coat 4.7 Free Download is a powerful 3D modeling software. It has all necessary tools and features to take 3D idea and create your own.

Key Features :

Voxel sculpting gives you a complete freedom in sculpting. For that, 3D-Coat puts at your disposal a traditional and volumetric sculpting comparison, artist’s tools, retropologize, created shaders, offline rendering, hair example and many more that you will discover once you download the application.

3D Coat 4.7 Free Download

3D-Coat works per pixel painting which is allowing layered color and displacement painting. By pressing the left mouse button, you can start paitings. You can make use several tools (Texture, Deph, Color, Specularity, etc 3D-Coat is providing quite interesting tools to make and edit UV-sets. For instance, you can edit separate UV islands, edges, faces or vertices. It offers three display types : No checker, Simple checker and Complex checker.

3D Coat 4.7 Free Download

Auto-retopology: you will be provided a wizard that will help you identify desired areas of mesh density. You can also define the flow of edge loops. It automatically cleans up any non-manifold topology to avoid any problems.There is a direct link where uses can communicate feelings, good advice and encouragement for 3D-Coat users all around the world. It support Ptex, CUDA acceleration and can pass layers information with Photoshop. You can also enjoy the latest version of this app, 3D Coat 4.9 Free Download.

Download 3D Coat 4.7 For Pc


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