Download AirParrot Chromebook is software from Squirrels to share Macs wirelessly on other playback media (such as TVs), AirParrot Free quickly monitors receivers around it, and with Quick Connect capability with no cable and only via wireless.

AirParrot Description

The monitor screen transmits video, audio, and a couple of on the device. The software means so that you’ll even send output to multiple receivers simultaneously, for instance, you’ll view the specified image on Apple TV and Chromecast simultaneously, or your required music on the speakers that hear AirPlay support.

AirParrot Free Download

Features For AirParrot

  • Ability to selectively transfer content on other pages.
  • Supports multiple players simultaneously.
  • Ability to expand the desktop screen on other receivers to extend usable space.
  • Quick connection to the receiver via Quick Connect rather than searching the list.
  • Ability to transmit only the sound of a video.
  • Display just one program within the receiver.
  • Ability to look for a few compatible receivers via Bluetooth.
  • Display a recent contact list for faster reconnection.
  • Ability to share a 1080p screen (suitable for enjoying videos on HD TVs).
  • Ability to prevent the image within the receiver for a flash no end permanently.
  • Support for surround sound 5.1 with receiver support.
  • Ability to play any sort of video format.
  • Ability to figure with AirParrot Remote (Software on IOS).

AirParrot Free Download

Download 32 BitDownload 64 Bit

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