ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2022 Free Download

Download ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2022 results that ANSYS offers to contrivers and masterminds working in the field of designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic products to help them complete their systems briskly and at lower costs.

ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2022 Description

ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2022 is an important and extensively used product by ANSYS company and consists of three main software SIwave, Electronics Desktop, and Simplorer.

This software is specially designed to directly pretend the electromagnetic field while prognosticating the geste of electrical and electromechanical bias. In fact, the main purpose of this software is to respond to both the diapason of electromechanical systems and fryers and high-speed and high-frequency RF factors.

These software fields are similar to examining the performance and characteristics of factors under applied excitement, imaging the glamorous field around the device, assaying the thermal effect of joules and calculating temperature, and assaying force distribution.

ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2021

Distortion, and studying crucial design parameters similar to a necklace, force, resistance, Tone- induction measure, capacitance, impedance, scattering parameters, and radiation field or radiation are used.

Features Of ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 2022

  • Simulation of the low-frequency electromagnetic field.
  • Design of motors, mechanical selectors, transformers, and other electromagnetic biases.
  • Design of colorful electromechanical bias.
  • Simulation of complex electronic-power systems.
  • Advanced 3D simulation of electromagnetic swells around the field.
  • Simulation of electromagnetic field results, scattering parameters, and currents.
  • Simulation of electrically controlled systems.
  • Analysis and simulation on veritably small and veritably large scales.

ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite Download

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  • Update Date: Dec 29, 2021
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