ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2022 R1 Free Download

Download ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2022 R1 – As you know, in the design of airplanes, buses, and spacecraft, a large volume of lines has been used, which, if extended, can reach several kilometers.

ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2022 R1 Description

By connecting numerous of these lines and cables to a harness. Their safety against the dangerous goods of vibration, erosion. And humidity is guaranteed. By limiting the cables to an unresistant handle, inflexibility, more open space. But on the other hand, when designing these string impediments, you should also pay attention to the significance of issues similar to an electromagnetic hindrance (EMI).

Ansys EMA3D Cable is software for accurate design and simulation of EM goods in string harness models so that you can overcome these problems. Performing EMC tests on harness lines on large platforms similar to airplanes, buses, and spacecraft are expensive and expensive.


But with this new simulation tool, masterminds can economically prognosticate their harness string performance under EMC norms in the design cycle.

The software provides largely accurate simulations of lightning strikes, and violent radiation fields (HIRF). Electromagnetic beats (EMPs), radiative remainders, echo ( signal hindrance), and perceptivity testing among other EMC operations.

Features Of ANSYS EMA3D Cable 2022 R1

  • Simulation of string harness models.
  • Simulation of electromagnetic beats (EMP).
  • Veritably accurate simulation of lightning strikes.
  • Simulation of fields with violent radiation.
  • Modeling of electromagnetic lines.
  • Simulation of electromagnetic computations.
  • Evaluation of electromagnetic environmental goods.

ANSYS Maxwell Circuit Editor

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