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System Tools

CCleaner Technician 6.09 Free Download

CCleaner Technician 6.09 Free Download deals with a rather sensitive segment involved in computer maintenance, namely secure cleaning.

CCleaner Technician 6.09 Description

It performs an in-depth analysis of almost all areas of your system and detects unused or invalid entries that clog the Windows registry, preventing it from running at its best. CCleaner Technician 6.09 features a clean, professional-looking interface split into four areas: CCleaner Technician 6 Registry, Tools, and Options. Aside from the last one, which deals with application settings, each of the other three perform different jobs in various areas of your machine.

CCleaner 5.29 Free Download

The CCleaner Technician 6.09  section is also divided into two panels: the first one, named Windows, serves for cleaning unnecessary system files (from Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Recycle Bin, Cache, Memory, etc), while the second one focuses on removing leftovers from third-party software that was or still is installed on your computer.

We all know that over time, due to the installation or junking of colorful software on the operating system, our system slows down and loses its original performance.

There are numerous ways to ameliorate computer performance, one of the stylish of which is to use registry optimization software. Thus, we’ve prepared CCleaner software for you, dear druggies of Rahim-Soft, which you can use to fluently clean your Windows and Windows registry.

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