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CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914

CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Free Download is a popular and popular computer software for sharing online and bandwidth traffic along with other networked computer systems in addition to establishing proxy servers.

CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914 Description

You will find a couple of programs on the market, and a lot of these have large amounts of complexities. Unlike its rivals, CCProxy 8 is made to be simple and it has structured the method. Your settings are formulated just once, and you may transform them off and on at any time. CCProxy 8.0 computer software supports several Internet-based DLLs, DLLs, Cable Networks, Fiber Optic, Satellite, ISDN, and DDN.

The means of making use of CCProxy 8.0 for several connections is practically identical. Another major application of CCProxy 8 could be the launch of proxy servers. Finally, These proxy servers are offered for several HTTP, FTP, Mail, Socks, Telne, Https, and much more. As an example, you will possibly not have the ability to access a particular site inside the geographic location, it is simple to run CCProxy 8 on another host around the globe, like a committed VPS, and direct all of your needs through this approach to the location.

CCProxy 8 Free Download

CCProxy 8 has different abilities to regulate users attached to the host. As an example, it’s not hard to access users in line with the MAC target, internet protocol address, individual, and password. You can also restrict use of the information on the Internet. You Can Also Download SmartDraw 2013 Enterprise.

Features For CCProxy 8.0 Build 20180914

  • Proxy Server: CCProxy allows users to set up and manage a proxy server within a network. It supports various protocols like HTTP, FTP, SOCKS, and more, enabling efficient internet access and control.
  • Internet Connection Sharing: It enables multiple users in a LAN (Local Area Network) to share a single internet connection. This feature is especially useful in settings where there’s a need to control and manage internet access among multiple users.
  • Access Control and Authentication: CCProxy offers access control features that allow administrators to manage and restrict internet access for specific users or groups based on IP addresses, time schedules, or user accounts. It supports user authentication via IP address, MAC address, or username/password.
  • Bandwidth Control: Administrators can allocate and control the bandwidth usage for individual users or groups. This helps in optimizing network performance and ensuring fair distribution of internet resources.
  • Web Filtering and Content Control: It provides options for web filtering and content control, allowing administrators to block access to specific websites or content categories based on predefined rules or lists.
  • Logging and Reporting: CCProxy logs internet activities, providing reports and logs for monitoring user activities, bandwidth usage, and internet traffic. This aids in network security and policy enforcement.
  • Dynamic DNS and Remote Dial-Up: It supports dynamic DNS for easy access to the proxy server from external networks. Additionally, it facilitates remote dial-up connections to the network via the proxy server.
  • Compatibility: CCProxy is compatible with various Windows operating systems, making it accessible for installation and usage in different environments.

CCProxy 8 Free Download

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  • Update Date: Jan 6, 2024
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