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Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020

Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020 Free Download is a backup and recovery system Deep Freeze Standard 8 can disable all changes made to the operating system of the computer, at the next reboot.

Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020 Description

Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020 kind of tool is recommended when you really don’t want anyone else making some uncalled modifications to your virtual system. Simply put, when Deep Freeze is activated, it will restore all initial settings of your computer at the next startup.

Deep Freeze Standard 8 is Faronics’s solution for quickly recovering settings and other Windows software changes after each boot. Deep Freeze Standard 8 program returns to the previous state by taking a picture of all the Windows settings after its reset; these changes, if applied by the user or the entry of the virus creates them, Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020 software will return to the original state and with Deep Freeze Standard 8 feature Deep Freeze can even be a replacement for anti-virus and it’s enough to restart Windows at the time of the virus entry.

Deep Freeze Standard 8.38 Free Download

Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020 application is commonly used in cybercafes, offices, schools, and in general for publicly-used computers.

Features For Deep Freeze Standard 8.63.020

  • Getting started: once installed correctly, the program stores the original settings of the system (applications and data). The user can then choose between “frozen” and “thawed” modes to know if the machine accepts changes or not.
  • Restore: by freezing the system settings, applications, and positions of drives, Deep Freeze Standard gets prepared to restore the computer. Following the orders of the user, it retrieves all configurations after Windows startup.
  • Security: in “frozen” mode, the software provides complete protection against viruses and unwanted applications. It is worth noting that the presence of malicious elements can be noticed while using the computer, but these threats will be removed during startup.
  • Support: Deep Freeze Standard supports all types of hard drives and partitions. It is compatible with SCSI, ATA, SATA, and IDE standards and with FAT, FAT 32, and NTFS file systems.

Deep Freeze Standard 8.38 Free Download

File information

  • Name: Faronics.Deep.Freeze.Standard.
  • File Size: 11.4 MB
  • After Extract: 23 MB
  • Publisher: Faronics
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Nov 1, 2023
  • Languages: English


Password: 123

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