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DesignBuilder 6.1 Free Download

DesignBuilder 6.1 Free Download is a highly advanced software for building modeling and energy efficiency recently released by Designbuilder for Windows operating systems. Finally, DesignBuilder 6.1 Download is a great tool for designing and consuming energy-efficient buildings and is very affordable.

DesignBuilder 6.1 Description

It is also a great tool for engineers and architects. The powerful simulation toolbox lets you simulate air conditioning, daylight, airflow, cost, energy, and carbon models. Optimizing solutions to meet your design goals and maximize the benefits for your clients are great features of DesignBuilder version 6 Software for engineers.

Evaluating energy efficiency and carbon performance during initial design training, solar shading, and design review to increase the comfort and efficiency benefits of daylight and natural ventilation for architects.

DesignBuilder 6.1 Free Download

High efficiency and low competitive costs are features of this software. It is possible to examine the impact of various energy-saving measures (such as wall insulation, roof, floor, replacement glass, shading systems, etc.) on DesignBuilder version 6. Download DesignBuilder 6 is used by many architects and designers around the world.

Features For DesignBuilder 6.1

  • An integrated suite of high-efficiency tools to help design a building.
  • Leading energy services engineers and modelers.
  • Design on environmental performance construction.
  • Calculate the amount of inlet air, the average radiation absorbed by windows and transparent building surfaces, and relative indoor temperature, and humidity.
  • Building modelings such as building physics, building architecture, cooling and heating systems, and lighting systems.
  • Air conditioning modeling, daylighting, airflow, cost, energy, and carbon.
  • Modules: Visualization, Certification, Simulation, Daylighting, HVAC, Cost, LEED, Optimization, CFD.
  • Key performance indicators such as energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal comfort, daylight availability, and costs.
  • An alternative evaluation design for air conditioning and control systems, facade, lighting, and renewable technologies at one point.
  • Investigate the impact of various energy-saving measures (such as wall insulation, roof, floor, replacement glass, shading systems, etc.)

DesignBuilder 6.1 Free Download

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