DiskFerret Personal Free Download

DiskFerret Personal Free Download

Download DiskFerret Personal Latest Version for Windows. It is Also full offline installer standalone setup of DiskFerret Personal 2.2.

DiskFerret Personal Free Download

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DiskFerret Personal 2 .2.0.2 Description

A default built-in Windows feature gives you the possibility to analyze disk space used.

However, the general view doesn’t show folder size, which is a major drawback. Luckily, developers came out

with plenty of alternatives and solutions to this, and DiskFerret is just one example of how disk space

can be viewed other than Windows ways.

Visually appealing and easy to use

Before you go off and install the application, you need to know that it was built with Java, and thus requires Java Runtime Environment

 in order to properly function. Once it’s launched, the main window is brought up in all its glory

letting you accommodate before starting to scan your PC for file and folder distribution.

The overall layout of the main window makes everything easy to understand.

DiskFerret Personal Free Download

A side panel displays a tree view of all folders on your computer, while the rest of the space shows more details on space usage.

Several tabs can be used to filter data a bit better, and there’s even an explorer field in which to write down a custom location.

Info isn’t directly displayed. In order to access it, the application first needs to scan your computer

and this option becomes available as soon as you select a folder from the side panel.

It only takes a little while to identify everything, but also lets you know how much you have to wait.

Multiple chart types and tools

Unlike the way Windows shows you space usage, this application lets you choose from several different types.

The default one is a circular chart, but you can switch to bars, treemap, ring chart, as well as a simple list view.

Charts are interactive, and clicking elements takes you one level deeper in that specific root.

However, you can use the application to view more than just files and folders according to size.

Switching through tabs allows you to find duplicate files, view distribution, a chart by file types, top files

as well as owner. More filters can be applied to sort data better.

The task can be saved in case you want to analyze it again later on and also save some time.

It’s also possible to export gathered data to an XLS file for better analysis.

There are even some tools that can be installed, such as disk monitors, schedules, and service manager.

DiskFerret Personal Free Download

To end with

All in all, DiskFerret puts a neat set of features at your disposal in order for you to see file

and folder distribution a lot better than how Windows presents them. Multiple view types can be selected

as well as according to various rules and filters. Scanning is quickly done, with the possibility to save it

and generate a list if you want to keep logs.

DiskFerret Personal Free Download

Click on below button to start Download DiskFerret Personal This is Also complete offline installer and standalone setup for DiskFerret Personal 2.2.0. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows.


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