Hiren’s BootCD PE 1.0.2 Free Download 64 Bit

Hiren’s BootCD PE 1.0.2 may be a set of widely used tools which will be bootable on CDs and you’ll have wide access to a spread of tools when faced with system problems. These tools range from data recovery, partitioning, system boot troubleshooting to data backup, virus detection, component testing, and resetting the system MBR record.

Hiren’s BootCD PE 1.0.2 Description

the great thing about these tools is that albeit your OS doesn’t boot for any reason, you’ll still use them because bootable disks don’t require an OS to use. There are many tools in Heerenveot that are organized into categories. for instance, within the Recovery section, there are many instruction tools and even graphics to recover data from your drives and disks. There are interesting tools for testing hardware components like RAM, CPU.

Hiren's boot CD Windows 10

These tools display the entire specifications of the parts under test. And after the hardware benchmarks, it expresses their weaknesses. it’s also possible to detect system viruses in Hiren’s BootCD. Of course, you ought to always use the newest version of Hiren to incorporate the newest version of antivirus tools to make sure the results of malware detection.

Features Of Software categories available in Hirens BootCD

  • Partition Tools: Disk partitioning tools
  • Backup Tools: Backup tools
  • Password & Registry Tools: Recover passwords
  • Hard Disk Tools: Hard disk tools
  • Testing Tools: Testing tools (hardware)
  • Mini Windows: Mini Windows

Hirens Boot CD 32 bit

File information

  • Name: Hirens.BootCD.PE.x64.1.0.2.rar
  • File Size: 1.6 GB
  • After Extract: 1.88 GB
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: July 3, 2021
  • Languages: English


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