Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 Free Download

Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 is a powerful business intelligence software that integrates organizational data warehouses by extracting, refining, and loading information from different sources, and by providing reports in the management dashboard, it helps managers in large-scale decision-making.

Informatica PowerCenter 8.6 Description

Although different software programs for CRM, MIS, or enterprise resource planning software record well as data and transactions at all levels of the organization, but with the increase of these data, we encounter the problem of analyzing them, especially managers in a single location are not able to interpret the data.

The business intelligence software, including the PowerSaver, exactly fills this vacuum. By collecting data and analytical tools in depth, the program can help managers assess business processes and discover discoverable relationships between data and their effects on each other and facilitate decision making and speed.

This is a platform-based platform for integrated enterprise information management. This program collects the highest level of data associated with different units and provides a comprehensive picture of the overall organization’s position to managers. In fact, this software helps managers make strategic decisions.

Informatica PowerCenter transformations

Using this app will speed up customer responsiveness and will result in satisfaction. One of the key features of business intelligence software is visualizing data. Text data analysis is always harder than graphs and data charts. With this in mind, the program also provides visual visualization of data, so you do not need to engage with numbers.

Features For Informatica PowerCenter 8.6

  • Appropriate business combination and IT unit.
  • Reusability, automation and ease of use.
  • Metadata-centric management.
  • Scalability and high performance.
  • Overseeing operations.
  • Instantaneous recording of data and transactions with immediate impact on analytical results.
  • Advanced features for converting data formats (XML, JSON, PDF, Office, etc.).
  • Also Ability to connect to cloud services.
  • Automatic evaluation of input data

Informatica PowerCenter documentation

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