MedCalc 22.016 Portable

Download MedCalc 22.016 Portable is statistical software for biomedical research that will analyze a spread of system performance curves with an upscale set of functions, chart types, and advanced modules.

MedCalc 22.016 Portable Description

MedCalc Free Download is meant to satisfy the research requirements of the natural and biomedical disciplines by analyzing the project’s statistical calculations. Free Download MedCalc 22.016 Online provides the required tools and facilities for analyzing the system performance characteristic function (ROC), drawing data, and performing statistical calculations.

With an integrated spreadsheet of over 100,000 lines, MedCalc has the power to read and display detailed data imported from Excel, SPSS, DBase, and Lotus, or exported from SYLK, DIF, and text files. the info browser within MedCalc manages data, notes, texts, and charts well. One of the important features of this software is its high ability to research ROC curves.

MedCalc sample size calculator

MedCalc Free Download can generate ROC curve charts with 95% confidence and determine the world size below the chart. MedCalc can scan for lost data, create subgroups, and calculate rankings as a percentage. you’ll also design a report from your statistical calculations and put the info side by side in it.

Features Of MedCalc 22.016 Portable

  • Integrated spreadsheet with over 100,000 lines.
  • Read and display data entered from Excel, SPSS, and other statistical and computational software.
  • Analyze data and perform mathematical and statistical calculations.
  • Design and analysis of ROC curve diagrams.
  • Offline and online guidance documents.
  • Various functions for detailed analysis of graphs.
  • Built-in data browser for data management.
  • Create subgroups for charts.

MedCalc download

File information

  • Name: MedCalc.22.014.Portable.rar
  • File Size: 38.4 MB
  • After Extract: 48 MB
  • Publisher: MedCalc
  • File Type:¬†Rar File
  • Update Date: Dec 3, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English


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