PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.5 Portable Free Download

PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.5 Portable is a complete software in the field of PDF lines and a product of Tracker Software. In the first step, this software can allow the stoner to convert any printable.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.5 Portable Description

PDF- XChange is also veritably important in editing PDF lines and provides all the necessary features to the stoner. For illustration, it can compress PDF lines to take up less space. Another point is the capability to prize a PDF runner from a multi-page train, which is actually called birth, in addition to the capability to transfer a runner between Two PDF lines are also handed with the Append/ Prepend runners point.

Rooting the contents of PDF lines and saving them in other formats is also a veritably important functionality, so for illustration, you can take a print from a PDF train. prize F. The capability to place a watermark on PDF lines is also one of the major requirements of druggies, as well as the capability to combine multiple PDF lines and convert them into a single train is a point of this important software.

PDF-XChange Pro 9.5

Features For PDF-XChange Editor Plus 9.5 Portable

  • Leading in optimization and contraction technology.
  • Capability to set watchwords for PDF lines.
  • Capability to circumscribe access to PDF files.
  • important manipulation and editing of PDF lines.
  • Capability to prize content from a PDF train and save it to other formats.
  • Capability to combine and resolve a PDF train.
  • Advanced memory operation to help overuse system coffers.
  • Convert any train in Windows to PDF format.
  • Capability to convert PDF format to print and textbook format.
  • Capability to transfer PDF train runners between two PDF lines( tack/ Prepend runners).
  • Placing a special toolbar in Office software for easier access.
  • Text restated by Easy Download Group.
  • Rotate, resize, crop, and add objects to PDF lines.
  • Capability to prize a PDF runner from a PDF train.
  • Back and frontal print support( for printers that have this point).
  • Capability to convert multiple lines contemporaneously.

pdf xchange editor pro

File information

  • Name: PDF-XChange.Editor.9.4.364.0.x64.Portable.rar
  • File Size: 123 MB
  • After Extract: 144 MB
  • Publisher: PDF-XChange
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Dec 1, 2022
  • Languages: English


Password for file: “123

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