Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 Free Download

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 Free Download combines the technology of animation facial powerful with easy utilities designed to bring your photos through three specialized versions to create virtual hosts or animated actors.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 Description

Simply import a single photo digital using the setting assistant Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro photo record or import audio combined with transitional effects animated illustrations and expressive emoticons, and CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 magically looks like transforms your photo into a fully animated performer.

The total solution for talking 3D facial animation is the editor of the timeline professional CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 Media Studio exclusive and high-resolution digital video offers flexible media output for all projects multimedia web or video production.

Get deep access to each animation track with advanced key frame control over your character, voice track facial expression editing eyes head and shoulder movement special effect overlays lip sync, and audio precision second layer for background music or sound effects No other version of Download CrazyTalk Pro 8.13 offers ultimate access to every element of acting of the character animation.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 7.11 Free Download

Features for CrazyTalk Pro 8.13


Turn photos into real 3D or classic 2D heads.

Employ the 3D face fitting technology for instant results.

Synthesize an entire 3D head by using both Front / Side photo profiles for accurate looks.

Explore the new 3D Vivid Eyes and multi-layer editing options. New in v8.1

Use Neck length and Size adjustment. New in CrazyTalk Pro 7.11


Freely dress up and customize accessory designs.

Atmosphere settings with background, wind, and lighting.

Soft-cloth physics and dynamic spring FX.

Conform clothing to any body shape, and freely adjust. New in Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 7.11

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 7.11 Free Download


Automatically generate head and facial movements with the strength of your voice or audio files.

Match animation scenarios with 2D / 3D Auto Motion Libraries.

Further control selected parts, and fine-tune facial behaviors.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 7.11 Free Download


Auto Lip-sync from text, audio, or your own voice.

Adjust the smoothness and strength of lip animation on the mouth, or down to individual parts.


Puppeteer: Mouse control over both 2D & 3D Actors.

3D Motion Key Editing with Muscle control, Expression templates, and Modify sliders.

Look at Camera function keep your avatar’s eyes and head following the audience.

Enhanced Timeline editing with individual part control, and motion clips.


Supports major image and video formats up to 4K (Ultra HD).

Export image sequences with alpha channels for video composition.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Pro 7.11 Free Download

File information

  • Name: Reallusion.CrazyTalk.Pipeline.v8.13.3615.1.x86.x64.rar
  • File Size: 513 MB
  • After Extract: 566 MB
  • Publisher: Reallusion
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: July 10, 2023
  • Languages: English


Password: 123

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