Simplify3D 3.1

Simplify3D 3.1 is a popular 3D printing slicing software that has many rich features to facilitate the designers in 3D modeling. It has an excellent ability to translate 3D models into instructions that the printer understands.

Simplify3D 3.1 Description

It has a well-structured and clear design with a very quick loading the of workspace.  With the help of this software, 3D designers can import, scale, rotate, and repair 3D models until they are satisfied. It offers a lightning-fast slicer and slices 3D models in seconds and designers can easily perform multiple iterations to achieve the best quality. So The excellent and quick preview feature allows to preview 3D part to identify potential areas of improvement.

The Simplify3D smart supports automatically generate support based on overhang angles, then add or remove supports as needed. Furthermore, designers can also customize the placement, size, and angle of support material without losing the quality and originality.

Simplify3D 31

The advanced Dual Extrusion Wizard makes it possible for users to create stunning dual-color parts. The Ooze Shield and Prime Pillar are also available in this version to protect parts from blobs and defects. All in all, if you are looking for the best 3D printing slicing software then we highly recommend you Simplify3D V3.1.

Features For Simplify3D 3.1

  • 100+ pre-configured profiles, optimized for the printer
  • Attractive and well-organized user interface
  • Print over USB or with an SD card
  • Slice complex prints in mere seconds
  • Preview your 3D part to identify potential areas of improvement
  • Provides great levels of quality with advanced print settings.

Download Simplify3D 31

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