SweetScape 010 Editor 13 Portable Free Download

SweetScape 010 Editor 13 Portable is a professional primer editor and hex editor that fast and freely edits any string or drive on your computer. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a wide range of editing tools, 010 Editor Portable is a priceless tool for anyone working with primer strings or duplex strings.

SweetScape 010 Editor 13 Portable Description

One of the most puissant features of 010 Editor is the competency to edit fair any duplex string using a duplex format. Instead of browsing the wide range of hexade bytes as traditional Hexa editors, duplex templates allow you to edit the string more professionally. Templates aren’t ticklish to write and can be used in any case to fully parse any data format, parallel as BMP or ZIP strings (templates for reading these strings with 010 editors included).

It looks like a duplex template that has the structure of C/ C but actually runs as a program. Each time a variable is declared in a template, that variable is cited to a set of hexade bytes in a string. The data in these strings can either be read or written by modifying the variable.

010 Editor Template tutorial

Features Of SweetScape 010 Editor 13 Portable

  • Faculty to edit Hex, and Twofold textbooks with Cut, Copy, and Paste operations
  • Dissect Twofold trains using Twofold templates
  • Faculty to open/ copying/paste Twofold trains
  • Use Disk Editor to edit hard drives, yielding drives, flash drives, memory keys, CD ROMs
  • Capacity to display and edit system processes
  • Capacity to freely load lines larger than 4 GB
  • Unlimited Undo/ Reiteration capability for all Hex editing operations
  • Capacity to edit in different formats
  • Has a commingled calculator for the alphabet C
  • Capableness to write scripts with over 140 different operations
  • Capableness to mark important bytes in a cue

010 Editor Base64 decode

File information

  • Name: Sweetscape.010.Editor.v13.0.2.rar
  • File Size: 18.7 MB
  • After Extract: 44 MB
  • Publisher: SweetScape
  • File Type:¬†Rar File
  • Update Date: May 16, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English

Download 32 BitDownload 64 Bit

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