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Xceed Ultimate Suite 18.2

Equip your development team with all 152 Xceed Ultimate Suite 18.2 components for all platforms, for just slightly more than the cost of a single one. All components provide royalty-free distribution rights and unlimited server deployment.

Xceed Ultimate Suite 18.2 Description

All the included control libraries are technically superior, and most have at least a 10-year track record of widespread use for rock-solid reliability. The .NET / WPF / Xamarin / Windows Forms components are written in managed code and each type is designed from scratch for their specific framework. The ActiveX/COM components are written in ATL 3.0 and support both the STA and MTA multi-threaded apartment models. No external dependencies.

For your application front-ends, you’ll not only find the highest quality controls, but also themes, so you can style your entire WPF application to have the look and feel you need, such as Office-style, Windows Metro, Windows 10, Material Design, or others.

Xceed Ultimate Suite 16.3 Free download

For your application back-ends, you’ll be equipped with easy-to-use, but incredibly powerful libraries for data compression, encryption, encoding, file synchronization, and file transfer.


Xceed is not only a .NET pioneer, having released the first commercial .NET controls back in 2000, but also ActiveX controls and libraries over 20 years ago in 1995. Xceed software components have been trusted and used in countless bank, insurance, military, and government applications, and also by Microsoft in Windows, Visual Studio, Office, and more.

Features Of Xceed Ultimate Suite 18.2

  • All components provide the user with a free distribution license and unlimited server tariff.
  • All components are fully and expertly documented and include a wide variety of sample applications for Visual Studio.
  • Components are written in such a way that they are efficient and do not depend on external DLLs. And most of them are multi-subject.
  • The source code for the components in the Xceed Ultimate Suite that include .NET share a common application schema.
  • All components have valuable features and at the same time are easy to use due to the strong emphasis on design based on direct understanding of the software programming interface.

Xceed Ultimate Suite 18.2 Free Download

File information

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  • File Size: 247 MB
  • After Extract: 266 MB
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Feb 5, 2024
  • Languages: English


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