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To evaluate and strengthen masonry buildings, we’d like seismic analysis of buildings using reliable nonlinear models. Using 3Muri Pro 13.1 software, nonlinear static analyzes are often performed and structural capacity curves are often obtained.

3Muri Pro 13.1 Description

In fact, 3Muri is software for the analysis of masonry and multi-material buildings, through non-linear (pushover) and static analysis. additionally, to the simplicity of the software, the strength of 3Muri is the innovative computational method (FME), which is in a position to supply more information about the particular behavior of the structure for movements and seismic behaviors.

The software offers features like a design environment for putting structures by visual controls, an engine for creating computational models and their solutions, and a post-processor for the fast presentation of results and computation reporting.

3Muri tutorial

3Muri Free Download may be a joint project between S.T.A. DATA and therefore the Department of Engineering Research and Development, University of Genova. The project’s experts complimented aspects of 3Muri theory through laboratory testing and analysis of real structures, and this ongoing collaboration ensures a totally practical, up-to-date, and reliable software for professional needs.

Features Of 3Muri Pro 13.1

  • Sensitivity analysis (this analysis may be a calculation method to realize a far better understanding of structural performance and map accuracy)
  • Seismic analysis of masonry buildings
  • Overlap of capacity curves
  • 3D modeling
  • Automatic detection of wall thickness
  • Mesh editing
  • Supports IFC, DGN (Bentley), DXF, SKP (File Sketchup), EMF, WMF, BMP, GIF, JPG / JPEG, TIF, and DWG formats
  • Edit walls

3Muri software price

File information

  • Name: S.T.A.DATA.3Muri.Pro.v13.1.0.0.x64.rar
  • File Size: 314 MB
  • After Extract: 366 MB
  • Publisher: S.T.A. Data
  • File Type:¬†Rar File
  • Update Date: April 29, 2023
  • Languages:¬†English


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