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Get whatsapp software on wifi device

Ok Guys, I am here with a new one today. I am sure everyone is familiar with WhatsApp software. I do not need to start with an introduction of the android software again. To my surprise, though, some are yet to even use this software for once. It’s not a bad thing anyways. I will chip it in here fast. WhatsApp is an android social messaging software and it remain one of the most download mobile software in history, at least till date. Superfast messaging with minimal data consumption. You need to try it out. There are several versions available, simply enter your phone play store and search for WhatsApp and install the software. It works on android, IOS, windows and many more, even blackberry!

The whatsapp software on wifi only devices

Now to the real deal of the day, your phone or tab (android) does not have a sim card slot and you want to use WhatsApp, well, YOU CAN and here is how.

If you already have WhatsApp software, and you wish to use an anonymous number as well, I will advise you first BACK UP your WhatsApp data by going to setting.

The next thing to do is to uninstall the WhatsApp you have (do not worry about this if you do not have it on your device).

Now, just go to on your phone browser or PC and register either with your Facebook or your email. After signing up, you will get a free USA phone number for receiving sms (you will be asked to specify the ZIP code of the county you want the number to be from, use google to find USA state ZIP codes).

After getting the said number, install the latest version of WhatsApp software on your phone and continue to activate it till you are asked for a phone number to verify it with.

Simply add the phone number you got from and verify by sms. WhatsApp will send you a sms almost instantly. Just head back to, log in and check messages, you will see the WhatsApp sent code in there.

Copy it and paste in your WhatsApp verification, and VOILA! You are inside WhatsApp.

In conclusion, i will like to say this. Kindly drop your comments telling if this works for you or if you are facing any problems with it.

I will like to say thanks for reading through.


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