AutoCAD 2015 for Mac Free Download

AutoCAD 2015 for Mac Free Download is the most famous and widely used software in the world for drafting, architecture, and industrial design. Especially in our country, this software has a lot of fans and almost all architecture and industrial students use this software.

AutoCAD 2015 for Mac Description

Free Download AutoCAD 2015 for Mac is used for construction and industrial drawing, detailed design, modeling, interior and exterior architecture, and more. The various features of AutoCAD have allowed this software to be used in home, office, commercial, and even military applications.

While more than 26 years have passed since the first version of AutoCAD was released by Autodesk, a new version of the software, Free Download AutoCAD 2015 for Mac, is now available. Visualize the world around you with powerful and flexible software and its many features. This software is one of the best 2D and so 3D design software in the world, named Autodesk AutoCAD. It is possible to accelerate information, share ideas without limits, and so explore creativity thanks to this software. By using thousands of add-ons available in this software, it has become the most versatile design software in the world.

AutoCAD 2015 for Mac Free Download

All in all, now is the time to increase your productivity. Share your information with others and benefit from the new features of this software. So this very advanced software has been used worldwide for the past few years for all areas of engineering and design of various projects including design for automotive, aviation, passenger, and so ships. war, military industries, and large administrative and construction buildings.

Features Of AutoCAD 2015 for Mac

  • The ability to design 2D and so 3D with more professional capabilities
  • The ability to work with projects from older AutoCAD versions and so convert them to the new version >Optimize the layer system
  • Increase the quality of 3D text and so graphic designs
  • Ability to comment on each part of the project
  • In addition, the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees of the map >- Compatible with old and new graphics cards
  • Also, the new design engine
  • Speed ​​up the final processing (Render)

Downoad AutoCAD 2015 for Mac

File information

  • Name: AutoCAD 2015 for MacOSX
  • File Size: 767 MB
  • After Extract: 1.2 GB
  • Publisher: Autodesk
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: July 31, 2023
  • Languages: English


Password For File: 123

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