Carlson Civil Suite 2018

Carlson Civil Suite 2018 Free Download is a software suite developed by Carlson Software, a company specializing in civil engineering and land development solutions.

Carlson Civil Suite 2018 Description

The suite includes various tools and modules aimed at assisting civil engineers, surveyors, and construction professionals in their design, surveying, and construction tasks.

Carlson Civil Suite 2018 for PC

Features Of Carlson Civil Suite 2018

  • Civil Design: Tools for roadway design, grading, stormwater management, and utility design.
  • Surveying: Capabilities for survey data collection, processing, and analysis, including support for total stations, GNSS receivers, and LiDAR data.
  • Construction: Tools for construction layout, machine control, and site management.
  • Hydrology & Hydrography: Modules for analyzing hydrological conditions and designing drainage systems.
  • GIS Integration: Integration with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for managing spatial data.
  • CAD Functionality: Built-in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) capabilities for drafting and design tasks.
  • Data Exchange: Support for importing and exporting data in various industry-standard formats.
  • Customization: Options for customization and automation through scripting and programming interfaces.

Carlson Civil Suite 2018 Free Download


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