DesktopOK 10.16 Portable Free Download

With the help of DesktopOK 10.16 Portable, you can save and restore the position of icons and numerous useful desktop tools. DesktopOK Portable is suitable for particular, commercial, and marketable use.

DesktopOK 10.16 Portable Description

One of the big problems of Windows druggies is the clutter of icons on the desktop This mess can be caused by changing the desktop resolution or doing other effects. The software introduced below has numerous practical features to break this problem.

DesktopOK software Free Download is actually a small but effective result for druggies who frequently have to change the screen resolution. Also, DesktopOK 10 Portable is veritably suitable for Windows druggies who work with videotape projectors through scrapbooks similar to laptops, tablets, etc.

After making changes to the screen resolution, you’ll encounter a strange mess on the desktop screen as if a lemon had hit it. The verity is that the icons are moved and Windows isn’t suitable to restore their correct position.

Save desktop icon layout Windows 11

DesktopOK software isn’t only for storing icons This program has other useful features that are applicable for diurnal tasks and on all performances of the Windows operating system and can be set up in the main menu Tools.

One of the practical exemplifications of using this program is the automatic caching of desktop icons. In fact, with the help of this tool, you’ll be suitable to see desktop background images without icons.

Features Of DesktopOK 10.16 Portable

  • Saving the asked position of the icons for each resolution
  • Useful desktop tools for Windows
  • Easy to minimize all Windows windows
  • Run the program at incipiency( charge time) of Windows
  • Each stoner can have their own custom order of icons
  • Movable and without installation
  • Capability to automatically save desktop icons.
  • The capability to change the language.
  • Increase the number of desktop icons.
  • Change the size of desktop icons.
  • Capability to run in the Charger area for ease of access.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Automatic caching and displaying of desktop icons.

DesktopOK English download

File information

  • Name: DesktopOK.v10.16.Portable.rar
  • File Size: 973 KB
  • After Extract: 3 MB
  • Publisher: SoftwareOK
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: SEP 1, 2022
  • Languages:¬†English


Password for file: “123

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