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Download EJ Technologies JProfiler 12 is a high-profile Java language profiler. In the world of programming, a profiler is a tool that helps programmers to decelerate down the program by covering the software prosecution process.

EJ Technologies JProfiler 12 Description

Including the consumption of coffers similar to memory, processor, thread and object life cycle examiner, database communication examiner, and so on. Find insecurity and performance issues and use them to ameliorate the performance and speed of their programs. Each programming language has its own biographies, in the Java world, there are numerous biographies that JPROFILER is one of the stylish in this field.

JProfiler Download

Using the seductive stoner interface of this program, you can fluently cover the colorful consumption coffers of Java programs, and therefore find out about consumption backups, memory gaps and thread problems, and resemblant processing. For small software, using these tools may not be veritably cost-effective, but for large marketable software, using profilers and optimizing the program is veritably important.

Features Of EJ Technologies JProfiler 12

  • The simplicity of direct operation, settings, and configuration
  • Capability to outline JDBC, JPA, and NoSQL databases
  • Excellent support for the enterprise interpretation of Java
  • View complete information with detailed details of the profile process
  • Capability to identify memory breaches with colorful tools
  • Colorful features for the QA platoon ( similar to a shot affair of profile operations and the capability to compare them)
  • Expansive support for colorful IDEs and garçon operations
  • Veritably low outflow
  • Capability to advanced processor profiling and display accurate consumption graphs
  • Advanced yarn profiling in multi-threaded operations

JProfiler remote profiling

File Information

  • Name: EJ_Technologies_JProfiler_12.0.4.rar
  • File Size: 107 MB
  • After Extract: 122 MB
  • Publisher: EJ
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: OCT 30, 2021
  • Languages: English

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