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Download ESI FOAM-X 2020 may be a stand-alone tool for rapidly describing the acoustic properties of open-cell porous materials from impedance tube measurements. Defining the gradual audio characteristics of porous noise control is a crucial part of the acoustic design process in simulation software.

ESI FOAM-X 2020 Description

FOAM-X calculates the properties of the specified audio material from standard tests. FOAM-X uses detection algorithms that employ by outputting audio data from the ASTM E1050 test and ISO 10534-2 ISO impedance test and therefore the ASTM E2611 transmission tube test to spot the properties of porous materials.

From the sound coefficient of absorption or dynamic expansion modulus and dynamic load density, the most acoustic properties of open-cell porous materials: porosity range, airflow resistance, lastingness, length of adhesion and thermal characteristics, static thermal permeability, Young modulus, Poisson ratio, and factor Reduce losses.


Determining the acoustic properties of porous and cellular materials has become one of the foremost popular tasks today, which is increasing the number of users and, of course, the amount of software available to try to do it. ESI FOAM-X may be a powerful and application software that’s within the category of software for determining the acoustic properties of porous and cellular materials and features a wide selection of features and capabilities to assist you to develop and use this software.

Features Of ESI FOAM-X 2020

  • Determination of acoustic properties of porous and cellular materials (Open cell)
  • Performing tests in accordance with ASTM E1050, ISO 10534-2, and ASTM E2611 standards
  • Calculation of sound coefficient of absorption, dynamic mass modulus, and density
  • Calculate the porosity of the load, the static resistance of the airflow
  • It also Calculates the length of thermal and viscous properties
  • Calculation of static thermal durability of materials
  • Calculation of Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio, and Damping loss factor

ESI FOAM-X v2020.0

File Information

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  • After Extract: 88 MB
  • Publisher: ESI
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  • Update Date: OCT 1, 2021
  • Languages:¬†English


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