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Download ESI NOVA 2021 – NOVA is another product from ESI, a technical and advanced software for designing and optimizing the aural parcels of multilayer accoutrements that are independent or attached to structures under colourful excitations.

ESI NOVA 2021 Description

This software helps masterminds optimize the aural immersion of accoutrements and minimize sound loss during transmission. ESI NOVA 2021 has two main modules that include high, medium and low frequentness and the asked tests are performed according to them.

The high and medium-frequency module performs computations grounded on the matrix transfer system, taking into account the goods of small size, while the low-frequency module works grounded on finite element (FEM) and boundary element (BEM) numerical styles, and further, for previous accoutrements similar as Preforms, elastics and rigid accoutrements are used.

Download ESI NOVA 2021

Features Of ESI NOVA 2021 X64

  • Design and optimization of aural parcels of multilayer accoutrements.
  • Support for accoutrements attached to the structure or singly.
  • Performing high, medium and low-frequency tests with different styles.
  • Using the Transfer Matrix Method.
  • Using the finite element and boundary element styles in computations.
  • Considering the goods of the limited size of the anatomized models.
  • Capability to combine horizonless subcaste accoutrements similar to elastic, viscoelastic and filaments.
  • Capability to determine frequency-dependent parcels in computations.
  • Contains micro-macro scripts ( bottom to top) for lathers and filaments.
  • Computation of colourful aural parameters similar as immersion measure, face impedance, wasted force, etc.

ESI NOVA 2021c

File information💁

  • Name: ESI.NOVA.v2021.0.x64.rar
  • File Size: 545 MB
  • After Extract: 599 MB
  • Publisher: ESI
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: March 28, 2023
  • Languages: English


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