FIFTY2 PreonLab 5.2 Free Download

FIFTY2 PreonLab 5.2 free download is the result of years of research and development to supply the simplest fluid flow simulation. With FIFTY2 PreonLab 5.2, you’ll get accurate answers to your hydrodynamic problems in less time. This makes engineering projects more efficient, effective, and innovative.

FIFTY2 PreonLab 5.2 Description

PreonLab 5.2 is developed for CFD simulation. PreonLab focuses on free-surface flow simulation in highly dynamic simulation settings within the preprocessing phase. No meshing is required even for complex and kinematics objects.

For instance, PreonLab 5.2 provides accurate forecasting of water or oil flow paths, which helps to enhance component design and integration throughout the vehicle. additionally, with PreonLab it’s possible to make impressive animations of the simulation results.

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Features Of FIFTY2 PreonLab 5.2

  • Simulation of fluids for volumetric and non-volumetric objects.
  • Perform simulation without the necessity for initial meshing.
  • Simulate very dynamic scenes with an equivalent speed compared to still scenes.
  • Scripting with Python interface to vary any parameter and access simulation statistics.
  • Estimation of fluid properties in plates and meshes, force analysis, fluid volume analysis, path analysis, wetting analysis, etc.

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  • Update Date: Dec 22, 2022
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