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FigrCollage Professional Edition 3.2 – Create a collage of shapes or text. Create a photo collage in any shape, number, word, or text. Heart collage, number collage, letter collage, word collage, or collage of any alphabet. Create a collage of a shape or text in 3 simple steps: Anyone can create a collage of a shape or text in minutes – no specialization or experimentation required.

FigrCollage Professional Edition 3.2 Description

We bet you’ll be surprised by the convenience of use and the quality of the results! Turn any shape or text into a photo collage: Place the collage during a standard shape or use your own custom shape. Here are some sample images made using FigrCollage. When it involves making collage images, most of the people who add this field ask FigrCollage software.

FigrCollage Professional Edition 3.2 has been one of the favored and favorite software within the field of creating collage images for several years, and therefore the number of users using it’s increasing day by day. those that have an interest in making collage images are well familiar with FigrCollage software. This functional product is one among the foremost powerful and undoubtedly the simplest software for creating collage images that are currently available on the web and for download.

Number photo collage

While the number of users using collage image-making software is increasing day by day, and accordingly, many companies like FigrCollage try to supply more comprehensive and complete software within the field of collage image creation. For those of you who are among the users of collage image-making tools, FigrCollage software is another FigrCollage product that permits you to satisfy your needs within the field of collage images alongside a robust graphical environment and a really strong interface. Meet. FigrCollage software meets all of your needs in this area. Check as well Qimage Ultimate 2022.100 Free Download.

Features Of FigrCollage Professional Edition 3.2

  • Features a sort of formats within the sort of hearts, numbers, text
  • Create images for private use
  • Create a set of images for your business or organization
  • Images for patrons or people
  • Create and sell images
  • Adjust the output size to a maximum of 15,000 pixels by 15,000 pixels
  • to be used reception or as a present
  • Share images on Facebook
  • Making collage images for marketing materials
  • Easy interface

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File Information

  • Name: FigrCollage.Professional.Edition.v3.2.1.0.rar
  • File Size: 53 MB
  • After Extract: 66 MB
  • Publisher: FigrCollage
  • File Type:¬†Rar File
  • Update Date: August 26, 2021
  • Languages:¬†English


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