IBM SPSS Statistics 26 FP001 IF017 Fre Download

Download IBM SPSS Statistics 26 FP001 IF017 is computer software used for statistical analysis. SPSS stands for Sciences Statistical Package for the Social.

IBM SPSS Statistics 26 FP001 IF017 Description

Following the accession of the software by IBM on July 28, 2009, the software was released under the name PASW, which stands for Predictive Analytics SoftWare. In addition to statistical analysis, data operation, and data attestation are also features of the software.

Finally, In data analysis using this software, you have to go through three introductory ways In the first step, enter the raw data and save it in a train. In the coming step, you must select and specify the needed analysis. In the third step, check the confluent.

IBM SPSS Statistics 26 FP001 IF017 Free Download

Finally, AMOS software is one of the suitable statistical software for assaying discussion data of operation and humanities. All in all, AMOS statistical analysis software is used for factor analysis computations and structural equation modeling. In addition, Emos software affair is graphical and thus facilitates appreciation.

Features Of IBM SPSS Statistics 26 FP001 IF017

  • Includes descriptive statistics checkered tabulation, frequentness, descriptions, disquisition, and relative descriptive statistics.
  • Determination of bivariate statistics middles, t-tests, distribution analysis, correlation, and non-parametric tests.
  • Predicting numerical labors Linear return.
  • Vaticination for group identification factor analysis, cluster analysis, and division.

IBM SPSS Statistics download free

File information💁

  • Name IBM.SPSS.Statistics.v26.0
  • File Size: 559 MB
  • After Extract: 655 MB
  • Publisher: IBM
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Fab 21, 2021
  • Languages:¬†English

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