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Is it better to get a Mac or a PC in 2022?

Is it better to get a Mac or a PC in 2022? After 25 years of solely using PC and Linux, I offered a Mac Pro 16 in 2020.

The ride thus far:

It is pretty pleasant to have get entry to to Word/Excel on the same machine as the one you are programming.
It is nice to have a gadget in which the hardware is completely built-in with the software. With Linux, there are always some small problems. For example, my Linux laptop computer does not go to droop when closed.
Apropos of suspending when closed, by default it used to be not working. I had to trade some settings with Bluetooth or similar and this took some time.

OSX is quite unstable. I have crashes. Really. Did not journey one in years on Linux, nor on Windows.
Mac has some slowdown of a few seconds occurring from time to time, usually with chrome being used. This does not show up on Linux.

Another problem is that the wifi does no longer work great on Macs. One trouble may be the all metal frame. But there is likely software program problems as nicely and I am forced to reboot from time to time to get wifi going for walks again.
With Homebrew you really get the bleeding edge. On Linux Ubuntu, you have to wait for the subsequent release. The software protected is also larger. For example, SageMath is on homebrew and now not on Ubuntu.
The Macintosh is strongly criticized for its connectivity. I find that pretty unfair. The Mac Pro 16 has four USB-C connectors which are exactly identical.

So, you can join to power on each sides which is neat. Now you want those dongles if you prefer to connect a classical USB to it. But that is a format decision. What is less exceptional is when some external challenging drive can be linked only in analyzing and you need homebrew furnished NTFS driver to be able to write (and some three lines of instructions for it). It is even less satisfactory if said NTFS is no longer accessible after some license change.

The Mac is well built-in with iPhone. It can lead to some strange conditions where you are referred to as on the iPhone and then reply from the Mac.

There are some strange misses. Apple is so very completely satisfied to sell you connectors. Apple additionally produced EarPods with lightning connectors. But lightning connector to USB-C, no sorry.
Less pleasant is iCloud. It is restricted to something like 5G and you have to pay some thing like 19$ per month for more [EDIT: Actually less]. Just for comparison, Chromebooks (which are plenty cheaper) come with 100G on google drive. Apple is totally indecent in that respect.

macOS is a UNIX running system, but the trip will not be the equal as with Linux. It is full of small differences and it took me a lot of time to get comfortable. And if you desire to use gdb you have to pass by way of a lot of hoops. If I really absolutely need Linux, I can run a docker with it. How will it go with Apple Silicon? Probably will now not work.

I would have stayed on PC if I could have discovered similar brilliant hardware, but regrettably there is nothing similar to Macs in the PC world. With the introduction of Apple Silicon, the hole is getting wider.

Software-wise, Linux is designed first of all for programming and is great for me. On the different hand, macOS feels subpar and is saved from oblivion from works like Homebrew done backyard of Apple.

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