OpenRail ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 Download

Download OpenRail ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 is a new product from Bentley and from the OpenRail product line, specially developed for the design and modeling of road structures.

OpenRail ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 Description

This is the new generation of OpenRail software, which has been retailed with the end of designing and reviewing new abstract models. In fact, using this software, you can apply your new ideas and perform a variety of artificial analyzes on railroads.

Enter the factual design position data into the software and design the types of tracks, turns, and rail separation lines. From designing wiring, Single Track, and Offset Track surroundings to executing Lair and Kennel systems are among the prominent features of this software.

OpenRail ConceptStation

Features Of OpenRail ConceptStation CONNECT Edition Update 14

  • Abstract design and new generation of road structure.
  • Optimization and reduction of road design costs.
  • Perpetration of inventions in design with the help of three-dimensional tools.
  • Modeling the whole line with its perimeters.
  • Modeling of dividing lines and roads located in the route.
  • Design of screws, successions and coverts.
  • Modeling grounded on creativity and adaption to environmental conditions.
  • Import real geographical data from the design point.
  • Support for CAD models and affair to this extension.
  • Comity with other Bentley software, especially ConceptStation.

Bentley rail Track software free download

File Information

  • Name: Bentley.OpenRail.ConceptStation.CONNECT.Edition.Update.
  • File Size: 1.47 MB
  • After Extract: 1.88 GB
  • Publisher: Bentley
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Dec 24, 2021
  • Languages: English


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