RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4 Free Download

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4 is a powerful Bentley application for designing and analyzing foundations and concrete floors of the building.

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4 Description

In the present era, software and computer technology play an important role in various industries, so even the success of some industries depends on their software sectors. A large number of products from the Bentley Corp are provided for civil engineers and construction companies, one of the most important. applications in the field of RAM Concept Update 4.

Using RAM Concept Update 4, experts are able to design and analyze the structure of floors, floors, and ceilings. In large steel structures, for example, multi-story towers. the foundation and strength of the floors are very important. Depending on the type of project.

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4 Free Download

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition is able to perform all kinds of analyses on any type of structural structure from reinforced concrete structures, high slabs, and boat bases to double-sided, post-slab, and slab block systems.

In Addition In RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4, you can test the structure of the structure against additional loads and in critical conditions, create artificial earthquakes, and react to our impacts Bench and vibrate. The analysis in RAM Concept is based on the finite element method, with high accuracy in various industries.

All In All, Using RAM Concept CONNECT Edition will increase accuracy, and speed and ultimately reduce costs and increase the efficiency of professionals. You Can Also Download RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 2.

RAM Concept CONNECT Edition Update 4 Free Download

File information

  • Name: Bentley.RAM.Concept.CONNECT.Edition.v8.Update.4.x64.rar
  • File Size: 1.09 GB
  • After Extract: 1.44 GB
  • Publisher: Bentley
  • File Type: Rar File
  • Update Date: Sep 17, 2023
  • Languages: English


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