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Schlumberger PetroMod 2012.2 Free Download

Download Schlumberger PetroMod 2012.2 oil systems modeling software, a product of the well-known Schlumberger company, which includes a mixture of seismic, well, and geological information to model the evolution of sedimentary basins.

Schlumberger PetroMod 2012.2 Description

The program predicts whether a reservoir has been charged with hydrocarbons and the way this happens, and also includes the sources and timing of hydrocarbon production, migration routes, quantities, and kinds of hydrocarbons under or above the surface. Petroleum systems models (one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional) can cover multiple scales from a separate charge range to supply a perspective on regional studies of entire basins to gauge multi-basin resources.

These models are dynamic, meaning that they supply complete information about structural evolution, temperature and pressure history, and its effects on boring, migration, accumulation, and loss through leakage over time. Predicting and analyzing properties like gas-to-grease ratio (GOR) and API Gravities are other capabilities of PetroMod.

PetroMod 1D free download

PetroMod Free Download accurately models hydrocarbon migration routes, their amount, time, and history of those migrations in surface and subsurface conditions. This product has no limitations in modeling large-scale oil systems (one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional) from small and partial, and scattered fields to the evaluation of the entire region and therefore the area in check.

The proposed models are dynamic, meaning that they supply engineers with complete information about the evolution of the basin structure, temperature status, pressure records, its effects on migration, accumulation, oil and gas loss, and lots of other information parameters in order that they will scale. Make the proper macro decisions.

Features Of Schlumberger PetroMod 2012.2

  • Exploration risk assessment, from basin to exploration
  • Includes all key elements of geological hazards in exploration
  • Analysis of great risks
  • The sole commercial system with fully controlled PVT modeling
  • Modeling of N-component / 3-phase relationships during the entire migration process
  • Simulation with Darcy, Flow path (Ray tracing), Invasion percolation, etc.
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional migration modeling technology
  • Use of flash calculations within the whole model and its geological history
  • Availability in DELFI Cognitive E&P environment

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  • Update Date: August 19, 2021
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