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SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro 1.8.1

Download SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro 1.8.1 may be a versatile WAN environmental simulator for network application developers, system administrators, and network engineers to assist them test network applications to get network application performance under a spread of conditions.

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro 1.8.1 Description

Most applications work well on broadband connections, but what if your application is additionally used on low-speed communications like GPRS or satellite? this is often where SCE comes in handy. Thus, network connection reduces bandwidth, delay, and loss limitations. With this smart tool, you’ll test how your program works on slow or long-distance connections to make sure the standard of your software package.

It provides a group of parameter-rich parameters that will be programmed to mimic the specified connection type. The installation program on the system is straightforward and therefore the user doesn’t get to pay an excessive amount of attention to the present process, time to finish

The program includes useful options for choosing a specific transfer rate, specific to a particular sort of connection. It allows you to selectively apply bandwidth limits, introduce random or fixed delays on data flows, and simulate packet loss to mimic a low-grade channel. For this purpose, the appliance brings an inventory of predefined profiles which will make things easier. All the modifications are often stored during a profile which will be loaded at any time.

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In this manner, there’s no got to make an equivalent setting whenever a particular configuration is required. There are choices to complement the list by adding connections with different speed limits. Further customization of the transfer rate includes the likelihood of defining the traffic direction. The program is capable of bridging adapters to enable packet forwarding and turning on filters for simulating specific protocols, networks, or addresses. All together, SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro is a powerful application offering developers a controlled environment for testing network applications.

Features Of SoftPerfect Connection Emulator Pro 1.8.1

  • Versatile WAN environment simulator that tests network applications to get the performance of network applications under different conditions.
  • Network connectivity with limited bandwidth mimics latency and losses.
  • Allows you to pick a selected transfer rate, specific to a specific sort of connection.
  • Allows you to selectively apply bandwidth limits, and introduce random or fixed latency in the data flow.
  • Simulate packet loss to mimic a low-grade channel.
  • It includes pre-defined profiles that make the work easier.
  • No, I have to make settings once whenever special settings.
  • Defines traffic direction.
  • Ability to attach adapters to enable packet transmission and switch on filters to simulate specific protocols, networks, or addresses.

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  • Update Date: March 7, 2024
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