WordPress : Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

WordPress : Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online


WordPress : Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online



Descriptions :

WordPress : Optimize Your Website to Make Money Online

Step By Step Guide to Optimize Your WordPress to Make a Good Monthly Revenue.
  • Lectures: 55
  • Video: 6 Hours
  • Skill level: all level
  • Languages: English
  • Size: 836 MB
  • Price: 297$ – Free

Course Description

Join over 1200 Successful Students Who Want to Change Their Life

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Learn the methods , tools and strategies to optimize your WordPress to make a good revenue ( at least $1000 per month ) from your WordPress blog .

Master the Most Important Tactics to Get a Great Income From Your Website .

  • Install WordPress ( Automatically & Manually )
  • Build Your Website From A-Z .( Domain Name & Hosting )
  • Build Your WordPress ( Plugins & Themes & Settings )
  • Optimize WordPress For Search Engine ( SEO )
  • Control the Ads in Your Website
  • Sell Your OWN Products & Services
  • Build Good Long Term Relationship with Your Clients

Powerful Step by Step Guide to Get Your Desired Life

Learning the basics of how to use WordPress gives you a good opportunity to grow your online or offline business .

WordPress is supported all around the internet , all companies , banks , search engines , auto responders , and even persons who provide individual services also support WordPress , and it is the easiest platform you can use , because you do not need any programming skills like building html websites .

WordPress is flexible and with tiny work you can optimize your website to be suitable for all kinds of devices like computers or portables and mobile devices , also there are a lot of themes that you can use to give your website the best appearance you want , and the best important thing is the thousands of thousands of useful plugins for everything you want

By learning how to build and optimize WordPress websites , you can start your online business or you can sell your knowledge in the hungry market , and in both cases your life will change forever

Paid Course + Free Experience

When you invest in this course , you will not get the course only , but also a 5 years’ experience which is better than the course it self , your questions are always welcome and will be answered as soon as possible .

Extra Bonuses

  • Product to Sell on Your Site
  • Articles
  • Email Messages
  • AdWards & Bing Copuns .
  • See the free Lecture 47 for more details .

Content and Overview

In this course of 50 lectures and 5 hours of content , you will learn – by %100 Video lectures and PDF resources – how to build your website from scratch , starting by choosing your domain name and webhosting , the installing WordPress Automatically , and Manually as just few people know how to do that , then you will be able to control your WordPress by explaining each tab in the WordPress control panel ,then you will be learned how to choose the best plugins and themes to customize your website performance and appearance .

Then the course will teach you the basics of writing posts and optimizing it ,after that you will be learned how to optimize any website for search engines to get more free targeted traffic by learning how to submit your website to search engines and choosing your best keywords then using the most popular SEO tactics to optimize your single posts and your website at all.

Then you will learn how to get and place the ads in your website to maximize your profit , starting by AdSense including the most important tactics to get the best results ,then you will learn about affiliating and CPA and what are the effective ways to build a high conversion rate websites with simple tactics to make your money more and more .

And in the last section you will learn the best way to make money online , it is creating your own products and services to sell it on your customized WordPress , in addition to powerful instruction to build a good and long term relationship with your list .but it is not everything becausein most sections you will get bonuses and amazing gifts to make your work easier .

If You Want , You Can

In this course,I am trying to make every effort to teach you how to make money from your WordPress blog ,but there is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings differ by individuals , so if you do not want to work seriously , there is no course can help you .

If you want really to work online , so this course for you .

What are the requirements?

  • Computer & Internet
  • No Programming Skills
  • Comfortable Seat !

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 55 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Install WordPress on Web Hosting That Support WordPress
  • Install WordPress on Web Hosting That Does Not Support WordPress
  • Build Professional WordPress Blog
  • Mastering WordPress CPanel
  • Choose The Best Plugins to Make Blogging More Easier
  • Use and Control Themes to Get Best Appearance
  • Write Blogs With Pictures and Videos Effectively
  • Optimize WordPress For SEO
  • Optimize WordPress For AdSense to Maximize The Profits
  • Optimize WordPress to High Conversion Rate in CPA and Affiliating to Get More Commision
  • Set up Autoresponder and Collecting Email List
  • Sell Own Products and Services
  • Build a Good and Long Term Relationship with Customers
  • Make More Than $1000 Per Month

What is the target audience?

  • People who want to start business online
  • People who want to build their personal website online
  • People who want to master WordPress
  • People Who Want to Make Money Online
  • People who want to learn SEO
  • People who want to make money from AdSense
  • People who want to make money from Affiliate Marketing
  • People who want to create and sell their products and services online
  • People who want to change their life to the best




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