SOLIDWORKS 2020 Essential Training Free Download

SOLIDWORKS 2020 is 3D CAD software that delivers powerful design functionality. with an intuitive user interface to speed up your design process. and make you instantly productive—enabling you to deliver innovative products to market faster.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Essential Training Description

In this course, Gabriel Corbett teaches you the essential tools. Techniques necessary to create parts, and assemblies. and drawings efficiently in SOLIDWORKS 2018. First, see how to use sketch tools to create two-dimensional sketches. that become the foundation for 3D objects.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Essential Training Free Download

Next, look at extruding and revolving 3D features; creating complex objects using the Sweep, Loft. and Surface tools; and modifying parts. Learn how to create uniform holes with the Hole Wizard and so explore more advanced modeling techniques using equations, and mirroring.

Then review best practices for putting parts together in assemblies. and building robust structures. The course wraps up with tips for creating detailed drawings that relate to the final parts. and assemblies to a manufacturer, complete. with an itemized bill of materials and drawing notes.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Essential Training Free Download

Features For SOLIDWORKS 2020 Essential Training

  • Working with templates.
  • Creating sketches.
  • Extruding and so revolving features.
  • Also Applying materials.
  • Sketching lines, shapes, and so polygons.
  • Trimming, extending, and transforming geometry.
  • Also Adding fillets and chamfers.
  • Also Working with planes and coordinates.
  • Creating patterns.
  • Modeling advanced parts.
  • Making holes.
  • Designing with blocks.
  • Building assemblies.
  • Mating parts and so Linking sketches.
  • Using design tables.
  • Creating part and so assembly drawings.
  • Creating dimensions.
  • Adding annotations.

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