ADINA System 9.7.2

Download ADINA System 9.7.2 may be a comprehensive, multi-purpose software for analyzing finite elements, structures, and therefore the flow of fluids and liquids in an interactive manner with a simulated structure.

ADINA System 9.7.2 Description

The ADINA System 9.7 can also be used to analyze multiphysics problems, like the interaction of fluids and solids and mechanical-thermal structures, and a few nonlinear analytical problems. ADINA System is taken from the initials of the descriptive words Automatic Dynamic Incremental Nonlinear Analysis. It represents the nonlinear analysis system of ADINA System 9 in analyzing issues associated with structures, fluids, heat transfer, and electromagnetism.

The Adina interface uses the Parasolid core for geometry-based analysis, so NX and SolidEdge users can easily integrate Parasolid-based geometry models like parts and assemblies into the structural analysis, heat transfer, fluid, or multiple physics operations. Adina is in a position to determine two-way communication with Nastran software and import and export finite element models in op2 format.

ADINA software Download

Features Of ADINA System 9.7.2

  • Analysis of finite elements of structures and fluid flow.
  • Accurate modeling of fittings and assemblies.
  • Ability to intelligently analyze incompatible elements.
  • Aerodynamic analysis of drones.
  • Analysis of issues associated with structures, fluids, and warmth transfer.
  • Simulation of the solid cutting process.
  • Cavitation simulation.
  • Having a quick and powerful graphics engine.
  • Finite element analysis.
  • Calculation of displacement and pressure in solids and structures.
  • Heat transfer analysis in solids.
  • Analysis of compressible and incompressible currents.

ADINA Structures

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