Advanced Design System 2021

Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2021 is a comprehensive electronic design automation (EDA) software tool for RF, microwave, high-speed digital, and power electronics applications.

Advanced Design System 2021 Description

It provides a suite of simulation, layout, and verification tools for designing and optimizing electronic products. Advanced Design System 2021 is an automatic software designed for RF, microwave, and high-speed digital devices.

Keysight Advanced Design System 2021 Latest

In a powerful challenge, the Advanced Design System software is based on successful technologies in the innovation and business market, such as parameter x and em 3D simulator, which are used by leading companies in the field of wireless communication, network, aerospace, and defense industries.

Features Of Advanced Design System 2021

  • Schematic Capture: Intuitive schematic capture interface for creating and editing circuit designs.
  • Layout Editor: Integrated layout tools for PCB and IC design, supporting various design rules and constraints.
  • RF and Microwave Simulation: Advanced simulation tools for analyzing RF and microwave circuits, including harmonic balance, S-parameter, and transient simulations.
  • High-Speed Digital Simulation: Tools for simulating signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility in high-speed digital designs.
  • Electromagnetic Simulation: Full 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation capabilities for analyzing complex structures and ensuring accurate modeling of parasitics.
  • SystemVue Integration: Seamless integration with Keysight SystemVue for system-level design and verification.
  • Multi-Technology Co-Simulation: Support for co-simulation across different technologies, such as RF, digital, and power electronics, within a single environment.

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