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How To Create MasterCard Account In Afghanistan

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MasterCard Debit Card

Afghan United Bank has added the MasterCard Debit Card product which has the functionality to be used via Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point of Sale (POS).

Also, Advantages of This Card:

PIN Secured
Usable all over the World on ATM and POS.
24/7 access to financial institution accounts.
No need to raise physical cash.
Free issuance.
Free Withdrawal from AUB ATMs
Free POS Transaction Worldwide

Visit our nearest department by preserving your Account Number or National ID (Tazkira) readily reachable to yourself.

Contact Details

If you have any queries or complaints, sense free to contact us via the following contact details:

Phone Number: +93 (0) 700096467

Email: [email protected]

Master Credit Card – Azizi Bank

Azizi Bank gives a niche product for its elite customers. The Master Credit Card is designed to pride you on its superb points and so services. Also, Get info from How To Create MasterCard Account In Afghanistan

Extensive travel benefits, together with complimentary access to Marhaba Lounges at Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Jordon airports

Detailed month-to-month paper or electronic announcement that allows you to screen all your transactions
Free transaction SMS and so email that will notify you of the purchases made
Up to forty days’ interest-free credit on purchases
Acceptance at all ATMs for immediate access to money in Afghanistan and overseas
Worldwide acceptance at over 25 million merchants throughout the globe
Free supplementary cards for your household members or partner. Are searching for Is it better to get a Mac or a PC in 2022?

MasterCard Account In Afghanistan

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